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Man Shows Off How Animals at His Rescue Greet Him and It's Priceless

The relationship that some people have with their animals is just the sweetest. And that goes for trained animals professionals too. One professional, who goes by @ty_among_animals on TikTok, recently went viral after showing off how he greets all his favorite animals one-by-one. And yes, his Ostrich Jimmy is clearly the life of the party. 

Tyler often shares interesting tidbits about the bears he cares for, but in the recent video he talked a little about how he greets other animals in his facility. "So this is how me and some of my animals greet each other," he said in the footage — while, ya' know, living our dream and snuggling with a bear. Each animal is so calm when Tyler comes over to them. Except Jimmy, whose hilarious dance moves had everyone in the comments section talking. "Those are just a few of the many animals I work with," he explained in the caption.

Over 10 million people have watched Tyler's video and were smitten with his relationships with all his animal pals. "I think I’d be so much happier forever if I could scratch a bears belly," @caitie.colors wrote. "Looks like you have a great job," @dannza1 added. "How and where do I apply for this?! Dead serious," an envious @hickory_vickery wondered. 

But of course, the comments section really went wild for Jimmy. "Jimmy is the king of the party," @rainbowcanoes joked. "I wanna go to the club with Jimmy," @artbydemarcusshawn teased. "We love them all in this house but Jimmy is VIP," @averageaf_ kidded. 

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And yep, that pretty much says it all. Go Jimmy, go!

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