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Pet Psychic Reveals Whether or Not Animals Can See Ghosts and We're Intrigued

Have you ever seen something move out of the corner of your eye and not known what it is? It might be nothing — or it might be a ghost! They say that animals in particular are tuned in to the supernatural, but could that really be true? Danielle MacKinnon (@daniellemackinnon1), an animal communicator on TikTok, has a theory. And now she's sharing it all in a viral video online. 

So many of us have wondered if our dogs or cats have a sixth sense — and MacKinnon has the answer. "A lot of people ask me that here because they'll see their dog barking at the air or their cat staring off into nothingness, and they're thinking 'this must be a ghost,'" she explained. "You always hear me talk about how our animals are intuitively connected to us," she continued. But does that mean that they can see the paranormal?

 "Animals have a very strong connection to the other side," MacKinnon continued. "Which means when a deceased loved one is visiting, when a past pet is visiting, they can connect in and sense all of it." Yes! 

People in the comments section agreed that their pets have seen strange things too. "When deceased loved ones visit our daughter in the form of orbs, our dog could see them and would wag his tail. Now he’s an orb joining the others," @retiredmusiclady13 wrote. "My dog always goes by my dad's ashes and sniffs. Can he smell him?" @yayamtz44 wondered. "My puppy went directly to her sister’s favorite spot under a tree. With her sissy’s fav ball," @tammiemissindependent shared. 

We can't be sure if we really believe this, but it's sort of nice to think that our pets are connected to our loved ones.