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Apartment Complex Throws 'Dog Pool Party' Complete With a Treat Truck and We're Loving It

An apartment complex in Nashville, Tennessee has really set the bar for what renters are looking for. Forget an upgraded kitchen or spacious bedrooms. All we really want is what this apartment did for its furry residents.

TikTok user @johnsonmichellee spilled the tea about this amazing 'dog pool party' that her apartment complex threw. And as you can probably guess, the result is unbelievable. There wasn't a non-wagging tail in sight!  

O.M.G. We could not love this anymore! What an amazing idea to get all the dogs out doing something new. Plus, residents will get to meet each other and mingle. And to top it all off, a treat truck?! This apartment knows what they're doing!

TikTok users are very jealous that this isn't where they live. We bet this apartment complex is going to get a lot of applicants very soon. LOL! "Ok I don't have a dog but I'm moving in," said @johncenathekitty. You and us both! @summerlovinglisa added, "I have a home and mortgage, but here's some rent!!" Ha! That's money well spent if you ask us!

Ok, so maybe there's an easier option than moving to Nashville to get this experience. We just have to do what @cynthiareneaa wrote, "** sends to my apartment manager lol." Hopefully, they listen! @nothoureaverage commented, "That’s my type of complex!! Want an entire community like this!" SAME! There needs to a dog pool party in every neighborhood so everyone can experience the same joy this video brought us!


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