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Video of Aquarium’s Brand New Baby Penguin Is So Cute We Can’t Even

There's a whole bundle of cuteness happening at Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific, but their newest addition is taking TikTok by storm. On the aquarium's account, @aquariumpacific, marine biologists and caretakers introduced the world to their newest--and only--penguin chick.

If you're not already scrolling to the video, get ready for one adorable ball of fluff. It's not immediately clear what the baby's gender is, or what they may name the chick, but suggestions are flooding in already. What would you name this cutie?

BRB, on our way to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We just can’t get enough of this baby! And neither can @diamond.soul, who commented, “I would give ANYTHING to hold a baby penguin 🥰.” So would we! 

This bundle of joy was born--well, hatched--to proud parents Robbie and Kate on May 22. Seeing the family in their nest together was just the sweetest thing, but that teeny tiny yawn at the beginning is quite possibly our favorite. We agree with @ashy._.the._.trashy who wrote, "SO FREAKING CUTEEEE!"

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Commenter @mer_the_nerd expressed our exact sentiments with the perfect Bob’s Burgers quote: “If you’re not real, then how come I feel this way….lil babies.” Except as far as we’re aware, this precious baby is absolutely real, though they do look too cute to be true. 

Other viewers are just as excited about this penguin chick's birthday as they are about the cutie pie themself. "Aww the little one and I share a birthday!" wrote @queencoatestv, while @mizmatched added, "YOOOO WE'RE BIRTHDAY BUDDIES!!!" Bet you didn't think you'd be getting a B-day gift from an aquarium, did you?

With the video’s top comment, @whosxhunter took note of the baby’s birthday, too. “Awww a little Gemini,” they wrote. Wait until you hear this, though: the aquarium replied, “All of our penguins are Geminis! 22 of them 😂.” Now that sounds like a handful, even for a colony of penguins. 

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