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Ariana Grande’s Dog Crashes Her Appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’ in Sweet Video

Just like us, celebrities are always showing off how cute their pets are. Albeit, in a sightly bigger way. Take musician Ariana Grande, who recently made waves after her pup Toulouse walked on to a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. "He just gets it," she said of pup.

A clip of Grande's interview made its way to TikTok — and yes, people were absolutely loving it. The footage from @fallontonight shows Grande calling her dog over mid-interview and right away host Jimmy Fallon is impressed. "Is he a trained dog?" he asks. To which Grande responds, "I think it's cause I speak to him all the time and he just kinda gets it," she explained. Fallon also pointed out that Toulouse knew exactly where the cameras were and was more than ready to hit his angles. Check out the adorable expression on Toulouse's face when the camera hits him. Work it, Toulouse!

With almost 700,000 views, it's safe to say that Toulouse is a star on his own. "Aww! He’s the cutest!" @jenjenka77301 wrote. "I know what you mean girl my dog just gets it too," @monkeyking691212 teased. "He knows his angles and everything," @ghstgirl1998 added. "Dog understood the assignment," @steph______ joked.

Later in the clip, Grande revealed that Toulouse had "one modeling job" in the past,  which probably explains why he's so good in front of the cameras. Although, she made it clear that he's not a "doggy model." Which is a shame because Toulouse is just too cute! 

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We'd give anything for Toulouse to release his own album. We can see it now — his hit single would be "Bark A-Woooooo, Next!" Watch out Ariana!

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