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Artist's Sweet Gesture for Client Whose Cat Passed Warms Our Hearts

Everyone dreads the day that our beloved pets pass and we have to adjust to life without them. There are many services that sell commemorative art to honor our pets, which can make the healing process easier. One artist went the extra mile to create something sweet for their client who recently had lost their pet.

TikTok user @promisefulart sells a wide range of embroidered products on their website, and they recently posted a video about an order they received. In the video, this user shows us their client ordered a sweatshirt with an embroidered black cat on it, and the client left a note on the order explaining that her black cat had recently passed. Check out the video to see what this embroidery artist did after reading the note left by her customer.

Awww, this is is such a sweet gesture from the artist! We are sure her customer greatly appreciated this special way to commemorate her kitty. Now, wearing that sweatshirt will feel like she is carrying on the memory of her precious cat.

People in the comments thought this was a lovely thing for the artist to do for her client. @cmonbarbie_letsgoparty said, "You are an angel yourself for doing that. May that baby rest in peace." Another user, @whiterefrigerator, commented, "What a sweet, subtle addition. I bet they loved it!" This is the kind of personalized touch that makes small businesses so great!

Others said that this video made them tear up. @ohsokt commented, "I didn’t expect to cry this early yet here I am," and @birdie2904 said, "I immediately started tearing up, what an incredibly thoughtful gesture. I'm sure they're going to love it!" We have to admit, our eyes are getting a bit misty as well!

We think this simple but kind gesture is a wonderful example of the small things we, as humans, can do to uplift each other every day. The loss of a beloved pet is never easy, but it can be more tolerable when people show you support.

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