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Aussie's Reaction to Rain and Thunder Is All Too Relatable

We feel so bad for our pets when a storm passes through. The thunder is so loud that they're shaking in their paws. And it really breaks our hearts because they don't understand what it means or where it's coming from. Poor pups! 

TikTok doggo @frankietheaussiepup is just like many other dogs out there who love looking outside, but this time when Frankie the Mini Australian Shepherd was daydreaming, a storm interrupted him. There was rain trickling down so Frankie was making his way inside. Then out of nowhere thunder roared in and well, his reaction is all too relatable. 

Aww, we feel so bad for Frankie! He was so scared. We get it, thunder scares us too sometimes. And it for sure scares our fur babies. So don't worry, Frankie, you aren't the only one with this kind of reaction! 

TikTokers are commenting on what Frankie was probably thinking during this situation. @malhorselover1995 said, "The sky barked at me momma!" Haha aww! We think we're going to call thunder a 'sky bark' from now on. But it's sweet to see that thunder didn't scare Frankie too much because he talked back. @shojo_aie wrote, "*barks at Zeus* 'Not funny! You scared meh!'” Yes, Frankie, stand up for yourself! 

"You tell that thunder it's rude to interrupt your rain reverie," commented @ocnlvr83. LOL! Come on thunder, don't you see this sweet doggo daydreaming? Come back another time! 


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