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Australian Shepherd's Acting Attempt to Stop Walking Is Hilariously Adorable

One of the best parts of the day for a dog is going on walks. They love strolling around the neighborhood, sniffing every single thing. It makes you think that they could be on a walk for hours. But sometimes, dogs have other plans...

TikTok doggo @lookitslincoln was out for his normal walk when he decided he was tired and didn't want to go a certain way. But his owner said in the caption that he wasn't actually tired. The Australian Shepherd instead just made a statement on what he wanted to do and it's downright hilarious. Check it out!

LOL! This Aussie has really figured out how to control the walk. He made it clear that he only wants to his specific way. "Dog really said, 'It's my way for the highway 😂😂' at least your pup knows its worth," commented @l_schexnayder18. True! We should all take a page from Lincoln's book of self-worth! 

"I love that each time he dramatically "collapses" he moves off the pavement towards the soft grass 🤣," said @amaviari. HA! His acting would've fooled us if he just collapsed right away. The soft landing on the grass didn't help him! 

But honestly, Lincoln's reaction is so relatable. "That's how I feel in the morning having to go to work 😂," wrote @rn_nat. Just as we think we're going to get up, our head slams down on the pillow again! @muffin2030 added, "I do the same thing when people make me do stuff I don’t want to do 😂." See, Lincoln isn't being rude, he's just standing up for himself. LOL!


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