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Mom Testing Her Aussies' Resistance to Eat Cheese Is Too Funny

If you haven't seen it by now, we'll let you in on a hilarious video trend with dogs. Owners will sit their dog down in front of a plate. They start recording and put down a treat or even human food. Then they'll pretend to leave, testing their dogs and the result is always amazing.

TikTok user @moose_the_miniaussie recently participated in this trend with two Aussies. She sat them both down with plates in front of them. The camera was rolling and she placed a handful of shredded cheese on both plates. And the result will have you LOLing through the weekend. 

LOL! This is truly the definition of snooze you lose! They both were really doing so well. If only the one waited a couple more seconds. Or maybe the dog didn't want to wait. It clearly turned out well and the dog got both cheese snacks. HA! 

"The way I gasped and got sad when he took the other plate too," commented @oscar_25__. SAME! Except we had a feeling it was coming. So it was gasp followed by a ton of laughter. 

@susieg02 wrote, "I hope you gave the one that waited an extra special treat." How could this TikToker not give that good doggo a little something special?! You need to reward excellent behavior. @mba_life added, "The drooling one was really trying SO HARD to be patient and ended up losing out bc he obeyed! He said NEXT TIME…he won’t obey!" The good one saw how the other one benefited and now he wants a taste of the wild side. LOL!


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