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Australian Cattle Dog Has Ingenious Way of Warming Himself Up

Fall is upon us and the weather is starting to turn cold, with some places in the US starting to see their first snowfalls. Baby, it's cold outside! There's nothing better than having a furry friend to cuddle up with when the weather turns brisk, and any pet owner can tell us that our animals get extra snuggly when it's freezing outside. 

Just check out adorable Monty, an Australian Cattle Dog that belongs to @TikTok user @Montythecuddledog. This sweetie is taking warming up into his own paws... er, body. 

Awwww, what a baby! @Hols posts the dearest comment, "The way he’s sitting, dogs are the purest souls and I would die for every single one of them." They really are! @Emily agrees posting, "Not to be dramatic but I would die for Monty." @Ash says, "This is going in to my happy album so each time I feel sad I can just look at this." Awww, it's true, Monty is just too adorable with his little tongue all cuddled up next to the heating vent. 

We really believe this is your sign to take a few moments to snuggle your pet today. You both deserve it. Here's wishing all of you and your fur babies a warm, cuddly fall and winter! 

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