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Video of Australian Shepherds Leaping Into Their Owner’s Arms Is Impressing the Internet

It's not every day that you see a dog leap into his owner's arms, but it's even more rare to see it happen while his owner is riding a horse. The incredible feat was recently performed by a group of Australian Shepherd in California and people in the comments section were totally wowed. 

A montage of the dogs jumping into their mama's arms was later shared on her TikTok page @changalaaussies. The footage shows several of the TikToker's dogs making the leap. "As a passionate horseman it’s such a great feeling having a dog with the courage and athletic ability to jump on my horse as I ride," @changalaaussies wrote in the video's caption. "This is such a handy connection to have in the event we need to get out of a bind," she added. Thankfully, the TikToker's horse didn't seem to mind the gymnastics going on on his back either. 

The comments section could barely believe their eyes. "Looks like they all would get up there if they could!" @lynaer6 exclaimed. "The friend group of my dreams!" @mariet_350 joked. "Aussies are one beautiful dog inside and out. Very smart and quick to train," @greytama chimed in. 

And many people were impressed with @changalaaussies's horse too. "Your horse is EVERYTHING. Didn't even flinch," @4mypony gushed. "My mare would have blasted off to mars. Your horse is awesome!" @heirgloom joked. "I am so, so, so impressed of how chill this horse is. What a champ. What an absolute, dog loving champ," @yayskull wrote.

And we couldn't agree more.