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Video of Australian Man Surfing With His Dogs Is Nothing Short of Awesome

Animals with well-developed skills are truly a sight to behold, especially when their talent is unique. Just look at all the dogs who have been featured on shows like America's Got Talent! Our four-legged friends can do nearly anything with enough time, training, and interest.

For these two pups who are going viral on @ABC7LA's TikTok account, though, in the ocean is where their true powers lie. The video was sent in by an Australian photographer who caught the best footage while his subjects caught a wave. Yep--they're surfing dogs! 

We wish we were even a fraction as cool as these pups are. Their confidence in the water is unbelievable, and just look how they jump around! Of course, their surfer dude dad deserves all the credit for developing their skills and keeping them safe. Needless to say, the comments and praises are flooding in!

"He's Fantastic. Him & his dogs living the life 🥰," wrote @debrawarren425. We totally agree! Everyone in sight is having a fantastic day after seeing this, too, we're willing to bet. Just like @krypt0k33p3r said--the joy, trust, and communication this trio showed while surfing was "awesome on so many levels." How could you not be obsessed?

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We love that @atribecalledhiphop admitted, "Never thought I’d see something like this." We're sure he's not the only one! Surfing dogs aren't exactly mainstream, after all.

"Bro is the main character," said @darkboyprieto, who's 100% right. Why this man and his pups don't have a TV show yet, we have no clue, but we do know that they're bringing smiles to tons of people regardless. Just like @vene305rican said, "We need more News coverage like this!" It certainly is a refreshing break from all the struggles of today's world, even if all we have is one clip so far. We're sure there will be more from this surfing trio!

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