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Australian Shepherd's Sweet Friendship With a Rescued Cow Couldn't Be More Perfect

Because dogs are so friendly, it's easy for them to find friendships with basically everyone. Even when the bond seems very unlikely. That's exactly what happened between one Australian Shepherd named Sky and a cow named Lewis, who are blowing up on TikTok for the unusual way these two became pals. Take a look!

According to the Gentle Barn (@thegentlebarn), a sanctuary with locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, their friendship started two years go when Lewis was a "tiny, sick baby cow." The footage shows a puppy-sized dog giving the calf tons of licks and cuddles during this hard time — but that love and affection never stopped. "Our dog Sky gave him kisses until he was all better," the video's text overlay reads. We can't get enough of these two!

The pair did everything together. And now years later they're as close as can be. "Besties come in all shapes and sizes," the video's caption reads.

The comments section was swept away by their bond. "Lewis has a little heart on his side," @silly_emily3 wrote. "This is the world I want to live in," @user74271087 added. "So cute. A bond that lives on forever. Love it," @goddess_of_love316 chimed in. "I love this. Humans have soo much to learn from the animals we are supposed to be taking care of," @floorcraft1 pointed out. 

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Later in the thread, the TikTok page shared a little bit of Lewis' backstory. "Born on a slaughterhouse floor, Lewis was orphaned and extremely sick when we rescued him at a week old," they wrote. "We honestly didn’t know if he would make it, but with Sky by his side, he made a full recovery and is a very healthy boy today!" 

Three cheers for these friends!

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