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Viral Video of Australian Shepherd Hopping Through a Field Makes Our Day

This dog is really out here living our cottagecore dreams, and we are here for it. A precious TikTok clip of an Australian Shepherd hopping through a wheat field was shared recently by @aussiesdoingthings, but we don't know who originally filmed it. Regardless, this video has been viewed nearly 6 million times in the 3 days since it was posted, proving that dogs really don't need to do much to capture hearts left and right. 

This land dolphin, as the video description calls them, is clearly having the time of their life jumping around the wheat field, and it's absolutely perfect! Take a look for yourself-- and just try not to get sucked in by this magical moment. 

Oh, what we would give to be as at peace as a dog hopping through a field. They just look so happy! It's hilarious how each jump is in a slightly different direction, too, but it's probably tricky to see when the crops are growing taller than you are! 

Commenter @deedeemanzanares summed up this moment perfectly with an even more perfect reference: "Which way do I go George? Which way do I go?😂." Looney Tunes, anyone? This could be a moment straight out of an episode!

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The Aussie's jumps look like a video game move, too, which inspired @bgates0191 to write, "needs the old Duck Hunt game sound effects lol." @Kels.d1 replied, "or an old video game jumping sound like Mario or something." So when can we expect a video remix? Any of these ideas would be hilarious, though fans of ASMR love the sounds of the wheat rustling as is. There's no way to lose with a video as golden as this!

We think @itscourtneymichelle figured out why this video makes us laugh so hard. She commented, "this dog has incredible comedic timing," and we couldn't agree more. This puppers has the makings of a true TikTok star!

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