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Australian Shepherd Thinks Litter of Rescued Kittens Are Her Babies and It's Just Too Funny

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what about a litter of kittens? For one new mama, a gorgeous black cat belonging to @sadiealexis0329, her best friend offers more than a helping paw. And, no, it's not Sadie! Though their owner is always around to help out whenever needed, it's Cali the Australian Shepherd who stepped up to the plate. 

This relationship might seem a bit unusual, but the fur sibling love can be felt all the way through the screen. Cali is paw-sitively obsessed with Nova's kittens! As if that alone isn't precious enough, just wait until you see the way she 'talks' to the mama cat. 

OMG! We didn't even notice Cali showing her teeth at first, but then we read Sadie's video description. That would throw us for a loop, too! This passionate babysitter clearly loves the tiny bundles of joy, but it can be tricky to know exactly what she was trying to say by baring her teeth. 

Of course, some commenters expressed concern over this, but @joyful_jack replied with a possible explanation. "It CAN be resource gaurding," he said, "but animals do that to protect their young from maternal instincts as well which is exactly what that was."

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No wonder both animals were so dumbfounded! Viewers like @no_llamallama noticed this too, writing, "Idk whose more confused, the cat or the dog." Ha--right? Cali is acting like the kittens are hers, while Nova is left wondering,  "wait a damn minute 😳 am i in the right spot here 😂?" @Stacyyy740 was on point! 

There are several other adorable videos of Cali, Nova, and the kittens living as one happy family, so it looks like the co-parenting arrangement worked itself out. Congratulations to the precious, furry family!

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