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Dog’s Over-the-Top Reaction to Being Reunited With Dad After 3 Months Has Us in Tears

Coming home after a long trip is the best feeling. Even if you're staying at a place you've been dying to visit; home is sometimes the only place you really want to be. For Zac Barnett, a singer/songwriter in the band American Authors, home was where the friendly faces were. Including his favorite friendly face — his Australian Shepherd dog. 

The musician, who is self-proclaimed "obsessed" with his two dogs, was more than happy to show what happened after he returned from being away from home for three months. The footage shared on his TikTok page @zacbarnetttt shows Barnett just as he came off his tour bus. Thankfully, he had the world's best welcome committee there to greet him. "We truly do not deserve dogs," he wrote in the caption, before adding a crying emoji. Both dad and puppy had the best reaction to seeing each other. And check out that tail wag!

The video has since received over 1 million views and it's easy to see why. "LOOK AT HOW FAST THAT LITTLE TAIL WAS WAGGING," @tota_lily_trash exclaimed. "I'm smiling all over!! feel the glow of dog love. Nothing like it," @southernspice123 added. "Dogs are the absolute best (don't tell my cat I said that)," @jamesharrisonvoic joked. "This sweet dog was three seconds away from exploding they were so happy," @frgs.exe joked.

Later in the video, Barnett explained that he wasn't sure who was more excited, "me or her." But we think that in this case it's okay that it was a draw. Home sweet home!