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Australian Shepherd's Grand Wedding Entrance Is Pure Internet Gold

In recent years, pet-friendly wedding ceremonies have become more and more popular. Even though it's just the bride and groom's fur babies in attendance most of the time, it's by far the cutest nuptial trend we can think of. What's the cherry on top? It's the adorable memories and videos that come with a four-legged guest of honor! This happy Australian Shepherd is going viral on TikTok for exactly that reason, and let's just say we love her already. 

This perfect moment was shared by @winnieluetheaussie following her parent's recent wedding. They were all set up to have her walk down the aisle to "Who Let The Dogs Out?,"  but Miss Winnie Lue had a plan of her own (and it was adorable).

If that's not the perfect way to start a wedding, we don't know what is. Winnie Lue is just so wiggly and excited--we adore her! So does @mn_mama_llama, who commented, "She’s so happy!!! 🥰 So nice of you to have a wedding all for her 😉." She certainly was the belle of the ball at that moment. It may as well have been her wedding!

"You thought an Aussie would have a wedding full of people and not say hi to everyone 😂" wrote @punkrockprincess18. LOL! That is just like this breed to be social 24/7, but it sounds like her parents weren't surprised at all. 

"Nope. We knew she would. She’s a social butterfly," they replied. We love a girl who can be herself!

Even though she did a great job of greeting all the guests, it's pretty clear where she wanted to go first. "We see her fav person," commented @jojda20. We sure do! That man must have felt more important than the bride. We know we would if we got a greeting like that! 

Good girl, Winnie Lue!