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Video of Baby Alpaca Making Friends With a Horse Is Truly a Gift

Isn't it such a beautiful site to see different animals becoming friends with each other? It's something you'd never expect so when it does happen, it always takes you by surprise in the best way possible. We've seen unusual friendships happen before including horses and cats, and of course, cats and dogs. But there's a new friendship that has stolen our hearts and it comes from a Canadian farm in Campbell River, British Columbia. 

This farm, known on TikTok as @hollyhillfarmcr, captured a video between a horse and a baby alpaca. First of all, a baby alpaca?! That's already so adorable! Then mix in the baby making friends with a different animal and it's game over. You truly won't be able to handle how cute this video is. We can't and we've already watched it a million times!  

Stop it! This video gets cuter and cuter every single time you watch it. We love how gentle the horse was with the baby alpaca. And how the horse's head looks bigger than the entire alpaca. HA! Plus, it's so cute how they both were so interested in sniffing each other. Their curiosity is bursting at the seams. 

"Ummmm......excuse me. Please post a warning on how cute this is going to be! I was not prepared! 😍," commented @tnc2020. Seriously! We've never seen a baby alpaca before so it would've been nice to have a warning! And now that we've seen a baby alpaca, we want to see more videos. It was definitely a nice timeline cleanse to see a different animal! @Allysa Cummings added, "I love this more than words can express. My heart ❤️." Ours too! 

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This is truly the sweetest video ever and we can't wait to see more of these two besties. We just know their friendship is going to blossom! 

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