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Baby Alpaca's Sweet Little Noises Have Us Totally Captivated

We're no animal experts by any means. We just have a love for all different creatures and absolutely love sharing what we see. The videos bring on some surprises, laughs and a few tears shed. And of course, there are videos that teach us something. For instance, we learned something totally unexpected and adorable from Tiktok user @lanehousealpacas

Like we said, we're no animal expert and certainly for alpaca expert. That's why this recent video blew us away, along with the other 1.1 million TikTok users who watched. A baby alpaca was lying down in the grass, enjoying the day. You can tell this little fella was happy to be there based on the sounds he was making. Who knew they made this kind of noise?! It truly is one of the cutest sounds we've ever heard. Listen for yourself! 

O.M.G. Who knew alpacas made sounds like this?! We had absolutely no clue. But now that we do, we want to hear it a million times a day. SO cute! 

TikTok users are falling in love with this little baby. "Well. That's ridiculously cute," wrote @mjv_68. Right! We haven't seen anything more adorable. @kfred added, "How did we not know about the cuteness level of baby alpacas? We need to tell everyone!!" We're honestly upset no one told us sooner how cute baby alpacas are. But don't worry, that's why we're here, to spread the word. LOL! "I can't deal with this much cute at one time! You have to dial it back a little!!!" said @Carlie Paige Chaumon. This video needs to come with a cuteness warning! 

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Besides TikTokers obsessing with the adorableness, users are also now wanting an alpaca of their own. @Roogee81 commented, "🏃‍♀️= me on my way to get a baby alpaca." We're right there with you! "I want two to go please....OMG my heart....❤❤❤," said @bellavalerie669. Why stop at 2? We went them all! LOL! 

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