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Baby and Tiny Puppy Enjoy a Jam Session Together in Adorable Video

We can't get enough videos of babies and their furry friends. Both are individually adorable, so when you bring them together, you're bound to have the best footage. We also love watching them grow up together, becoming best friends, and building an inseparable bond. This time, the bond between a toddler and her pup is reaching new heights, as they've formed a rock and roll band. Let's just say they're the latest and cutest music duo, and we're OBSESSED! 

TikTok user @lakenandbeary shared the clip of the toddler and puppy jamming out together. Within a day, the video has over 1.3 million views and 244.3K likes. The little girl is playing her harmonica, when the puppy starts howling. She looks at him to make sure she was in the right key before starting again. Check them out rocking together! You can't help but smile when watching this video!   

Did you also see how gentle she was when she went down to pet the pup?! And the wagging tail?! Aww!! Too cute! They're totally going to be best friends, but we have reason to believe they already are! @tuckerbudzyn shared what we're all feeing, "*Heart explodes into a billion pieces*." And @sincerelysabrinaaa added, "Are you kidding me??? This is the CUTEST THING EVER 😭😭❤️❤️." 

How does your heart not melt from this?! The pup is rocking lead vocals and she is keeping them on tempo. "Okay, but she's going off with the notes 😁." said @Rita. Sounds like we have a superstar in the making! @FashionNovaBordelon asked, "When does their album drop?" with the creator responding, "There’s no telling 😂." Please, we need one immediately!