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Video of Baby Bat Trying Her First Piece of a Plum Is So Cute We Can't Stand It

If seals are sea puppies, we think bats are sky puppies--they're just so curious and cute! With their puppy dog eyes and passion for snacks, we totally understand why ecologist @jasmine.vink loves bats. One of her recent viral videos is convincing all of TikTok of this baby bat's cuteness, and we are positively living for it. 

Nara, one of Jasmine's rescues, is the sweetest lil' bat we ever did see. Just wait until you see the way this girl munches on a piece of plum!

Nara looks like a little human baby all swaddled up like that! And if we're being honest, she's eating like one, too, though the puppy analogy still seems to be the most popular.

"These are puppies with wings and I will not be convinced otherwise. 🥺🥰," @mosherhailey commented. Exactly! We'd be trying our hardest not to pet this bat if we met her in person. Her fur just looks so soft! 

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We're on the exact same page as @.sharkberry, who said, "If can’t touch, why cute? ☹️." It's truly one of the world's hardest struggles. But there's nothing to stop us from being jealous AF of Jasmine! Like she said, "Please remember never to touch bats unless you are trained and rabies vaccinated." It's better to be safe than sorry, even if you have to resist the sweetness! We suppose precious videos like this will have to give us our fill for now. 

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