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Video of Baby Birds Patiently Waiting for Dad to Kiss Them Goodnight Is Going Viral

A new viral TikTok video has us all flying to the pet store to bring home a flock of baby birds. In just a few short days, a clip from @johandevenier has reached over 29.9 million views and 4.3 million likes. And well, we're just obsessed with how adorable this is as everyone else! 

In the clip, the creator has his six baby parrots all lined up in bed, ready to be tucked in for the night. But before they can shut their eyes, they need a goodnight kiss from their dad. He goes down the line kissing each of their heads and then back down the line again. Their precious faces look like they're wanting more! 

Aww! Did you see the one that was so impatient on getting his kiss that he leaped forward?! @Bobbi George said, "That one that jumped in like, 'I'm a dinosaur 😂😂.'" And @Dana Burcher added, "The one who jumped way up to get a kiss, my HEART." We think he has his dad's heart, too, because he was able to get an extra kiss! Shh, don't tell the other birdies! 

All of the birds were just sitting back in awe probably thinking, "How did we get such a great dad?!" You could just see it in their eyes! @Samara wrote, "They all said 👁👄👁 ."Or they could be thinking what @DaJuan TheJuggernaut said, "They are looking up like, 'It’s the CLAAAAAWWWWWW.'” Ha! Either way we love their little faces.

You can clearly tell how much the owner loves them all. He kept saying "I love you." It wasn't a normal 'I love you,' he was playfully repeating it to them in a hilarious voice. "✨✨✨I LOVE YOU TOO MAH BEBE'S!!!!!!! ✨✨✨," wrote @Taz Noble. @JennaLee said, "I’m so glad I’m not the only one like this lol." 

Be right back. We need to go watch the video again for about the tenth time.