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Baby’s Touching Friendship With a Black Lab Puppy Is As Pure As It Gets

Raising a puppy or a child is hard work. You can kiss any extra sleep you wanted goodbye. Either a kid or puppy could be running around the house at all hours of the day. Both have nonstop energy, and it can take a lot out of you. From training or teaching to feeding and playing, it never ends. So trying to raise both at the same time is, in our opinion, a pretty big challenge! But many people do it and say they wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

That's what TikTok user @jaids_marie said in her recent video that has reached over 2 million views. The caption reads, “It’s a hassle, but I wouldn’t trade it.” Turns out she has a little girl who is about 9 months old. The family then decided to add a Black Lab puppy to the family. Raising a baby and a puppy at the same time?! We could only imagine the craziness the family sees during the day, but after watching this adorable clip, it’s definitely worth it! 

Aww! They absolutely love each other! Hats off to this family raising both a puppy and baby at the same time. The creator wrote in the comments, “It’s hard. I wouldn’t trade it though. The days are long but the weeks fly by. The hardest part was potty training Rhea with a baby that is crawling.” Ha! That’s when you need to clone yourself and tackle both of them! 

Some TikTok users are saying that they were also raised with a puppy and it was the best dog they ever had in their life. @Christina Wheeler said, “Both of the babies and their bellies! Oh my Lawd.” “Okay, but when the puppy was smiling when he rolled on his back and looked at her,” added @Megan Evans. The purest look of love! So cute.

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“So what I learned from TikTok is if I have a kid, get a puppy at the same time. Got it,” said @Dominic Waller. LOL! The creator responded by saying, “It’s the rules.” 

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