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Family Pays Tribute to Late Golden Retriever in Baby Boy's New Nursery and It's Making Us Sob

There's no denying that our pets are truly apart of our family. From dogs being there on wedding days to pets welcoming home a new baby, they're there through it all. So when a pet sadly crosses over that rainbow bridge a family's world shatters. And any new family member, unfortunately, doesn't get to experience that pet, even though they should remembered by all. 

That's how TikTok user @simplyseptemberblog felt. She didn't want the new baby to be left out of learning about the family's late dog, especially since their Golden Retriever helped raised the two older kids. So she decided to pay a tribute to their beloved dog for the nursery room. That way the baby boy can honor and remember the family's dog. Trust us, you'll want to grab a tissue you for this one. 

Aww! This is such a sweet idea to keep the memory of their late Golden Retriever alive. And now the youngest will get to hear all the amazing stories of the dog that came before. Plus, he'll have the pup watching over him. Ugh, here come the tears! 

"I have never seen a more beautiful theme," said @Trish Reineccius. Right?! This is exactly what we're doing when the time comes! We want our future kids to know about the dog we have now. We never want their legacy to leave and that's how this family felt. 

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As beautiful as this is, it really has got us and the rest of TikTok sobbing. @Tracie Smith853 wrote, "Oh my gosh, tears are flowing. I am so sorry for your loss. Congratulations on your two new additions." It's so sad but the family has new additions that will bring in new love! @petunia7794 added, "That was both beautiful and heartbreaking 💔 I can’t stop crying. That’s such a beautiful way to honor your beautiful pup." 

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