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Farmer's Attempt to Help Newborn Camel Survive Has Everyone Totally Invested

Newborns can be tricky to care for and they don't always survive the first few days. Even for farmers, there's only so much that humans can do to help if they are unable to temporarily separate the baby from its mom. Luckily, one farmer was around to help a newborn camel who was not eating or drinking .

TikTok user @yasminbrisbane is a camel farmer in Australia, and she recently posted a video of a newborn camel named Florence. Unfortunately, Florence was not walking, and because of that, could not get to their food and water. This stressed out her mom, Delilah, and Yasmin decided they needed to find a way to get the baby down to the barn to help her. The challenge here is doing all of this without incurring the wrath of Delilah for separating her from her baby. Check out the video to see how Yasmin and her friend, Taylah, pulled off this harrowing rescue mission

Wow, that baby camel looks so weak! We are so glad Yasmin and Taylah were able to get her away from the mom so that Florence is able to get the treatment she needs to be healthy and strong!

People in the comments felt so bad for Florence and Delilah! @diannewheeler8 said, "Good luck baby girl Florence. We are all rooting for you, baby and Mumma!" and @artisticblush commented, "Oh poor mama is so worried! I hope baby is okay." It would be such a heartbreaking outcome if Florence was not able to survive, but luckily, we don't have to worry about that!

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Yasmin posted a second video to provide an update on Florence! In the second video, we see Yasmin riding in the back of a pickup truck to take the baby to the newborn paddock where she and Taylah could help her stand. After, they reunited her with her momma and the rest of the herd. Amazing! Watch the second video to see what happens after they are all together.

We are so glad that Florence was finally able to stand and drink some of Delilah's milk! It was so lovely to see the baby meet the rest of the herd, and her momma looks much more relaxed now that Florence is doing better.

Many people in the comments felt bad for Delilah, who was running after her baby in the truck and had started to foam at the mouth out of stress and exhaustion. @kjminidachy said, "Aww I felt for mummy, she was so confused but I totally understand. So glad baby is doing well now, so cute!" We can't imagine what it must have felt like to think your baby was being taken away. Luckily, Yasmin and Taylah stopped the truck a few times on the drive to allow Delilah to catch her breath.

Everyone is so glad that Florence will be fine and that Delilah has now relaxed. We have to applaud Yasmin and Taylah for their strength and bravery when helping Florence! Such amazing work from these ladies.

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