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Baby’s Reaction to Being Told He Can’t Feed the Dog Is Absolutely Pitiful

The hardest part about being a kid is probably trying to understand the meaning behind why. Why can’t you get McDonald’s for dinner, or why can’t you have a sleepover with your best friend? There are so many questions that kids have as their curious minds run wild. And when they don’t get the answer they want, it can lead to a total meltdown. 

Take TikTok user @hipcityvag‘s son for example. He was enjoying a meal at the table when he wanted to feed the dog. One can only assume the dog is right at his feet or under the table. (Smart dog, too, going after the weak ones LOL!) In the clip, the mom keeps telling her son, “No,” and that he can’t feed the dog. His reaction is the saddest but also most adorable thing ever! 

OMG. All he wants is to give his furry friend a little snack. Is that too much to ask for?! The lip quiver had us dying laughing. It was so cute! He didn’t understand why he couldn’t feed the dog, which of course led to a meltdown. Now, TikTokers are demanding this mom let him feed the dog with at least some doggie treats! 

@Shelby Rose Wildin said, “Let. The. Child. Feed. The. Dog. Omg.” He clearly wants nothing more in life than to feed his bestie! “Mom! Him and the dog clearly have an arrangement 😅,” added @Kim Marie. How could she ruin that business deal? Now, what are they going to do?! @Ash wrote, “Aww, he’s just taking care of his BF.” Mom should be proud her son is looking out for others, LOL! 

As it turns out, this is normal for families with little ones and pups. -Uhoh! @Morgan Batista said, “Our dog gained 15 pounds once my two were old enough 😂… She had to go on a diet.” LMAO. We believe it! But also, can you blame your little kids? They can’t handle a dog’s cuteness, and neither can we! 

Pro tip from TikTok users: if your kid wants to feed your dog, let them fill their bowl or have them give out the treats so they feel involved! Also, explain to them the difference between dog food and human food, especially since some human food can be toxic.