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Mom Catches Baby Feeding Scraps to the Dog and His Reaction Is Everything

Dogs are smart cookies, and they know that the best place to sit to potentially get a scrap of food is next to the baby's high chair. After all, little ones aren't exactly the most careful eaters, so the odds of them dropping something on the floor are pretty darn high. One baby in particular, however, goes above and beyond and likes to share his food with the family dog.

In a new TikTok video shared by his mom, @rdistanislao, the tot got caught red handed giving table scraps to the pooch. His reaction after realizing mom has discovered him sharing with the pup is absolutely priceless. With 1.7 million views, it's easy to see why people are cracking up over the clip.

OMG! The way he put the food in his mouth and said, "Mmm!" He totally thought he'd potentially fooled her. TikTok users are loving how this little guy tried to pull a fast one on mom. @Cheyenne James212 said, "He's like, you ain't see NOTHIN 🤣." @Melody C added, "Played it off real well 🤣." Then there is @sugarskull_va who made a really great point: "Can’t be too upset, at least he’s on the right path to understand sharing! It’s a start! 😂." This is so true! (Good job teaching him to share, mom.) 

Other people were impressed by how the dog just kept on focusing on the food like nothing had happened. Another commenter noted, "Dog doesn't look back, at all... totally blocked your voice out... maintains focus...😎." Haha! The pup did seem to want to focus on the task at hand. And @Paxton Blizzard joked, "This is why I can’t get my dog a baby. They’ll tag team me." LOL!

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These two definitely are a dynamic duo, and this is probably just the beginning of the tricks they have in store for mom! But hey, at least they're both cute as can be, right? 

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