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Video of Baby Cow 'Exploring Her World' for the First Time Is a Thing of Beauty

Everyone loves a rescue story with a happy ending, whether it features a dog, a cat, or a farm animal like Love and her bovine family. The aptly-named baby cow is in the loving hands of The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary in Tennessee, where she'll spend her days grazing, resting, and starring in TikTok videos like this one.

It will take all of five seconds for you to see why this video blew up--it's positively precious! The little calf's joy as she explores the pasture is infectious and oh-so-cute. No wonder she has so many fans already!

OMG! We could watch this baby's hops and skips all day long, and we have a feeling we're not the only ones. Commenter @jackieooooooooo gushed, "Melt my heart ! The run the kicks 🥰 unfortunately this world has no regard for these beautiful creatures just shows you all they deserve a good life!" That's so true!

On top of the positive message of the video--that rescue rocks-- we can't get over how cute she is. "Her markings are so pretty," shared @peggyparis6109. Well, yeah! Her mama is one gorgeous cow herself, and we can't wait to see how this sweet girl grows up! 

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We agree 100% with @turnerisfire who said that Love "Couldn't be born in a better place 🥰." She's going to live such a long, happy life at The Gentle Barn! 

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