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Video of Baby Cow Enjoying Her ‘Bath’ Is So Cute We Can’t Stand It

It’s no question that kids are a messy bunch. They love to play in the dirt, eat like manners don’t matter, and more often than not, they hate cleaning themselves up. That can include cleaning up the playroom, their toys, and even themselves. So when kids don’t clean up, it’s mom to the rescue with wet wipes and a bath, whether they like it or not. 

Luckily for this cow mama, her little calf doesn't mind getting herself all cleaned up. TikTok user @hayleeandhercows recently shared a clip of Pizza, the mama cow, and her calf Ruby. (Side note: Pizza is the best cow name ever!) Ruby is staring up at the camera while Pizza starts licking her clean. And her face is absolutely adorable! Once Pizza starts cleaning, she can’t stop. She’ll even clean anyone near her so watch out…LOL!  

Aww! What a good mama keeping her children and even her human clean. LOL! We can't believe she started giving the creator a 'bath' too. But at the same time, we can believe it. You have to clean it all once you get in the cleaning mood! @moments728 commented, "...Pizza is a typical mum who starts cleaning everyone and everything when she gets started 😂." HA! Ain't that the truth! Another TikTok user, @ohsnapitskia, added, "Pizza said, 'Yeah and you need one too.'" Pizza runs a tight ship around here! 

We’ve seen this happen all too often with parents and their kids. After they finish eating, kids will try to run off, but mom has to check if they’re all clean. Just like Pizza! @taliiyto said, “Pizza ‘are you clean? Lemme check for you’😂.” See?! Sounds like a typical parent who has to get a wet wipe to clean off their kid’s hands and mouth. LOL!

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Can we also talk about how Ruby’s face is just so cute in this video?! It looks like she’s actually enjoying the bath from her mom! Although those eyes also scream that she’s slightly embarrassed. Not surprisingly, though, most kids have the same feeling! 

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