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Gorgeous Baby Cow Looks Like A Summertime Goddess In Viral Video

Even if you're looking forward to cooler temperatures and pumpkin-flavored everything, there's nothing wrong with enjoying summer while it's here. That's certainly what Wildroots Farm, LLC is doing on their Instagram account, and let's just say people are loving it. 

Their latest viral hit stars a Highland calf named Fern who's just as cute as she is stylish. She's frequently seen in a number of successful posts, but this reel goes above and beyond with foliage, lighting, and angles. Honestly, she looks like a summertime movie star--we're obsessed!

We can't be the only ones who would live in this moment forever, right? A beautiful clear sky, some shade beneath a tree, and this adorable girl next to you--what in the world could be better? 

Not much, because there's nothing but praise for Fern and the farm in the comments section. Mostly, though, it's people like us who "😍 love this moo"--as @bscrn73 would put it. What's not to love? Between the fluff, her tongue, and her sweet personality, we think she could melt any heart.

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Oh, we can't forget the stunning flower crown on Fern, either. It's simply stunning! We love the comment @grlbobbi left about it, too:"Her moo-jesty wears her crown with such grace and humility 👑!!! " We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

We had to watch the video a few times before we even notice the fly @wildrootsfarmllc mentions in the video description. That's just how captivating Princess Fern really is! 

"Even the fly doesn't take away any of the beauty in this!" @dangbravegirl agreed. See? It's just a minor inconvenience and nothing more! Fern isn't going to let it ruin her beautiful day in the field, and neither should you.

Instead, take a lesson from her: go with the flow and you never know what beauty you might find.

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