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Baby Cow's Reaction to Finally Finding Her Mama Is Simply Heartwarming

We remember quite vividly that small panic attack we would have as a child when we lost our mom in the grocery store. And we're pretty sure everyone has felt that before. You look down every aisle for what seems like hours and of course, she's in the very last one. But if you don't find her, you embarrassingly have to get an employee to call her over the loudspeaker. Or maybe you just start screaming for her. That's what this baby cow did, and it seemed to work!  

TikTok user @that.girl.kate_ shared a clip of a baby cow looking lost without her mom. This cow is about 3 weeks old, and so far, she has stuck by mom's side 24/7. It sounds like the mom thought her baby would be able to handle a little independence. But boy, did she think wrong, lol! The baby was hollering to find her mom. You have to see what happens when she finally sees her moo-ma! 

Aww, reunited at last! Except, we think the mom was just wanting some peace and quiet for a minute. Don't all moms need that?! @Liz R commented, "Mumma wanted 5 mins to herself. Baby, NOT TODAY!!!" And @Trish C added, "😂 momma was like, "She’s finnnnnnne. I just need a minute. 😂 Adorable." She definitely heard her the first few yells, but she needed a good back scratching massage before she went back. LOL!

And then, the other cows looked like they were judging or upset. We think @christine.adler brought up a great reason why, though. She said, "They acting like that baby ruined girls night, AGAIN! 😂 'Ugh, lemme me check on this child of mine.'” 

This video 100% brings us back to those times we lost our mom in the grocery store. Even @Bats & Vultures made that connection. She wrote, "Little ones who lose mama in the store because they stopped holding on the cart. It’s a good teaching moment." Absolutely a teaching moment! Maybe now that the baby cow knows mom is never too far, she can learn to be a little more independent. Every kid has to grow up sometime!