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Woman's Story of Adopting Rejected Baby Cow Has People All Choked Up

There's a special place in our hearts for the folks who rescue animals out of tragic situations. This includes @taylor.thompson17, who took in a sweet baby cow after she was rejected by her mother. We know--how could any mom reject a precious little angel like her? It was certainly a sad situation, but Taylor's love and care gave the calf her very best chance at a happy, healthy life. And guess what? She's doing just fine. 

You can catch up on their full story in Taylor's TikTok video, but you may want to grab a tissue first. Even though there's a happy ending, it's not easy to see a baby literally pushed away by its mother. 

You weren't ready for that either, were you? That first clip is absolutely heartbreaking to see, but at least we have the comfort of knowing that this baby is well taken care of. Thank you, Taylor!

Still, love and comfort in the present don't erase what happened in the past. The calf may be living her best life with her new mama, but the majority of viewers are still hung up on that first moment. 

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"I’m never going to recover from that kick," @gabbydevlin wrote. Neither are we! We just want to scoop that baby up and love her. Perhaps the child in all of us sympathizes with her distress. "So sad to think a momma can do that 😭 the baby had no clue why she didn’t want her." This comment by @phennyy simply broke us! 

"I don't know animals. Why she do that? that p***ed me off 💀," commented @veronicag926. We're with you! It was so upsetting to see, even if we don't totally get what's going on. 

"Different reasons!" Taylor responded. "Sometimes, if it’s their first calf, they might not know what to do. Or if the calf is sick they will reject it. it’s so sad!! 🥺." It really is, even if there's a reason behind Mom's behavior. We're just so thankful that Taylor was there to adopt the calf, though, because now they're both thriving!

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