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Woman's Encounter With Baby Deer at Her Grandpa's Grave Is Giving Us Goosebumps

Sometimes, when we're grieving, we look for signs of our loved one in the world around us. It could be a special tree, an heirloom, or even an animal that brings us the peace and comfort we need in a heartbreaking time. For Gabs, who goes by @brewbearr on TikTok, it was this precious baby deer who stopped by while she was visiting her grandfather's grave. 

In the touching footage, the fawn can be seen walking toward Gabs as she sits near her Poppy's headstone. But the sweetness doesn't end there. Trust us, you'll want to have your volume on for this one. 

Those precious little bleats from that baby! We can't get enough of their conversation--and you can't convince us it wasn't a conversation--but the most special details about this video are without a doubt the where, when, and who. 

We love how simply @lularoestephanieparr explained the touching moment in the comments: "He was with you… ❤️." He absolutely was. It may not be clear what exactly he was trying to say through those little sounds, but we think there's no doubt about his presence. 

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"Maybe it’s a sign that no matter how lost you get, he’ll be right around the corner waiting for you??" @xaviercwatkins commented. That's such a beautiful thought! Gabs, the poster, replied, "It’s been on my mind constantly since it happened …trying to figure out what exactly it means…but no matter what, it’s definitely a positive sign ❤️." We couldn't agree more. 

In another comment, Gabs gave us an update on a realization she had. "He passed away on Dec 24th…Christmas Eve," she began. "When reindeer would be coming…and I was visited by a baby deer…sobbing right now." OMG! That is a crazy similarity, but it only makes us more sure it was her Poppy saying hello. Whatever you believe, you can't deny the unbelievable magic of the bittersweet moment. 

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