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Family's Attempt to Rescue Baby Deer From Their Pool Has People Talking

In areas where deer run wild, it's not uncommon to spot them in your front or back yard. Finding a fawn in your pool, however, is a bit more unusual. Still, it happens, and one family got it on film when it happened to them. 

The captivating footage was shared--though not originally filmed--by @longislandwiseguy, and people are already talking. The shock of the incident in itself was enough to prompt a comment from some, but others aren't convinced about the way the family tried to rescue the baby. Take a look to see how it all unfolded.

What a crazy experience! We're just so relieved that the baby deer was lifted out of the pool before they got too tired from swimming. That dad deserves a trophy for his efforts! 

In the comments section, the dad seems to be the only one getting any slack. The son--the infamous Nate--and the adult behind the camera are what really have people talking. 

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"Nate is that one guy on the crew that looks like he’s helping but isn’t doing anything," joked @4limages. Okay, that got a chuckle out of us, but honestly, we can't blame Nate for being a bit panicked. We wouldn't know what to do, either! We agree with @tboula8 who said, "so much pressure in Nate to save the baby." Right?!

@P.c72's advice to "put [the] camera down" is honestly quite helpful. True, we wouldn't have this video if that's what they had done, but the job might have been completed a bit sooner. Oh well--it's all over now and everyone is just fine. That's what really matters!

"I’m in Miller Place also," commented @kamperedwing. "Lived here for almost 30 years and last summer was the first time I ever had deer in my front yard 😳." That's crazy! That may explain why the family was so bewildered, too. Perhaps they're not used to seeing deer in their yard at all! 

Either way, there's no denying the absurdity of this unusual situation. We're just glad the fawn was rescued!

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