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Mom Walks in on Baby and Dog's Precious Cuddle Session and We Can't Get Enough

Having a dog and a baby at the same time can seem like a big commitment (and it is!), but it's also incredibly rewarding. Not only are you raising two adorable little ones-- you're giving them both a built-in best friend! It's only a matter of time before you catch some precious moments like the one @clarissaschenck walked in on, and--trust us on this one--it'll be so worth the wait. 

This mama caught her son and her dog, a white and tan Brittany, in the middle of the cutest cuddle session we've ever seen. Of course she had to get it on tape!  

Isn't this the best? We adore the dog's gentle, loving demeanor while around the baby--it seems to be paying off well! At first glance, we'd guess that the pup is always so calm. Surprisingly, though, she's a wild child!

"I’m pregnant with my first and have two Brittany’s and this makes me so excited for their relationship with the baby," commented @melmcdaniel96. Congratulations, Mel! We're so glad Clarissa saw her comment and was able to share her pup's story, too. 

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"It’s taken her some getting used to with her high energy level but she’s calmed down with him ♥️," she wrote. "Excited for you!" We never would've guessed that this four-legged babysitter had to learn to be calm, but that makes this entire adorable scene even more impressive. 

Just like @haleetaylor10 noticed, "the heart on the doggos head ❤️" must be the mark of the perfect best friend! She's more than willing to let her little brother play with her ear, and he sure seems to be loving it. 

We love how @cpmom6238 put it: "Dogs like I got this Mom. Go get yourself some coffee 🥰." She's such a good girl!

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