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Actor Shares Video of Absolutely Beautiful and Tender Moment Between Baby and Dog

The connection between kids and animals is so innocent. They just get each other and treat each other with total love and trust. So when actor Mandy Patinkin shared footage of a baby and a dog having a moment together, the internet fell completely in love with them. And we don't blame them. These two are definitely each other's BFFs. 

While it isn't clear if the baby and the dog are related to the celebrated actor, we're positive that these two were having a good time together. The footage on Patinkin's page @mandypatinktok shows the pair hanging out together, gazing into each other's eyes. The little bub seems absolutely fascinated by the doggy, so much so that they keep reaching out to give his paw a little pet.  And just check out what happens at the end. So sweet! 

"Two of our favorite friends," the video's caption reads. 

Over 400,000 people have watched the duo having their little moment and people couldn't get enough. "Oh my goodness, that moment when the four foot scooted paws to be closer... melty," @beccafireeyes swooned. "That was the most peaceful moment on TikTok," @whillb0 wrote. "I'm gonna need you to produce this as a series for Netflix," @chefgirl131 joked. "The extended eye contact just speaks to the heart," @holo.k.twig added. 

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Thank goodness someone got their relationship on camera, we know this is going to be one of their absolute best memories. There's no way that these two won't be friends forever. They have such a deep connection right from the jump.

Or as @cleaninglady2019 put it in the comments: "So sweet...the immediate bond between a baby and a dog."

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