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Video of Baby Getting Treats From Dad With the Dogs Is Priceless

Growing up with a canine best friend can make life a lot more interesting, so you can only imagine the shenanigans this sweet little girl gets into with two curly-coated besties by her side. She may still be just a baby, but she's already learned so much from the pups! Luckily for us, there's one scene we won't have to imagine thanks to her dad, Richard's hilarious video on his TikTok account, @wtxrjw

In the adorable clip, the baby joins her pups as they get in position for a treat. Since the dogs usually get a bite of her leftover breakfast once she's done eating, we understand why she'd want to get in on that! 

LMAO! We just adore this little girl and her enthusiasm for breakfast. If we're being totally honest, food makes us feel the very same way! We bet Richard's dogs agree, too. 

Just like viewer @enjoyyourlie1 said in the comment section, this is what happens "when your older siblings have four paws and a tail!" Too true! These dogs know what to do when food comes out, and their lil' sis is just learning by example. We have a feeling these three will be inseparable before we know it!

"This is so darn cute," wrote @traceyrumsey_. "Your baby is very obedient." LOL--it's very funny to say, but Tracey is totally right! This little girl must be around when the dogs get a bite of her breakfast every day. It's only right she joins the fun sometimes! We agree 100% with @brownzabrownzabrown who called this scene, "so wrong but sooo right!" We wouldn't have it any other way.

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