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Video Capturing 'Minutes Old' Baby Donkey's First Steps Is Just Incredible

Witnessing newborn animals discover the world for the first time is an awesome sight. It's rare to be able to witness this if you don't work in animal care, but one viral video is giving us lucky this opportunity to see a newborn exploring the world.

TikTok user @bighorsefarmcompany recently shared a video of a newborn donkey taking their first steps mere minutes after being born. Check out this awesome video to see how this foal navigates standing and walking shortly after their birth!

Wow, this is so cool! It's amazing how quickly these animals are able to stand and walk, especially when you consider how long human babies are dependent on their parents. This little foal is doing great!

People in the comments loved the support this baby was getting from the herd. @stov0127 said, "I love how all of them are just watching that baby," and @monkeybutt181 commented, "That baby is protected by The Squad!" It's great that the foal had encouragement from all the aunts and uncles in the herd!

Others thought this was a lovely moment to witness. @junderwood42 commented, "Such precious moments, thanks for sharing!" and @andrea1020_ said, "This is pure beauty and just unconditional love." Moments like this are an incredible reminder about what's important in life.

We are so amazed at the strength of this foal to stand and start walking so soon after their birth, and we love all the encouragement that came from the rest of the herd. What a wonderful group of donkeys!

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