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Video of Baby Donkey's Pure Adoration and Love for Mom Is Total Cuteness Overload

As much as we're used to the life we're living now, there's no denying that farm life has its perks, too. Who wouldn't love hanging out with adorable animals all the time? OK--we suppose working a farm may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even those who are more city inclined can appreciate the heart and strength it takes to care for animals.

Of course, there are moments of joy and levity that make the hard work worth it--like this one that @bighorsefarmcompany shared. Just look at the pure love radiating from this lil' baby donkey

How could anyone resist this little guy? The energy and joy are practically palpable from the very first moment he starts climbing on his mama, and it's the most precious thing! No wonder @bighorsefarmcompany had to stop and film the scene.

"Talk about CUTENESS OVERLOAD 🥰😁," commented viewer @tiffanydeangeles043. Exactly! We're glad to know we weren't the only ones squealing at the little guy's hops, kicks, and stumbles. He's just too silly!

"Ok but I cackled the first time he fell and was back there just flailing his little legs around trying to get up 😂," agreed @tnbrat. We suppose he hasn't grown out of his clumsiness quite yet, but we still wouldn't have it any other way. He is simply perfect! Viewer @shadowandholly2 agrees: "that is the cutest thing ever!" they said. "The joy and happiness of that little guy is priceless!!!"

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