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Viral Video of Baby Ducks Enjoying a Swim Wins the Internet

TikTok user @ducks_in_space posted one of the most relaxing, beautiful videos we’ve seen in a very long time. And we’re definitely not the only ones to think this because well, the clip brought in nearly 70 million views!

The person in the video decided to fill up the sink with water as a mini bathtub. We weren’t quite sure why at first, but soon enough we saw two little ducks on the counter next to the sink. And just as they’re taking their bath, this video will wash all your worries away. A perfect way to start the week!

O.M.G. Stop it! This immediately made our day brighter. And how could it not? The tiny duckling enjoying a water bath is so pure. “It’s great to know that at least 13.5 million people enjoy these ducks as much as I do,” commented @checkmatenate81. Yes, 13.5 million liked the video! 

“OMG they are so adorable and look at their wittle duck feet so cute,” said @Bmr1217. Oh, don’t even get us started on those feet! When the camera showed what it looked like underwater, we lost it. So stinking cute! “The little feet under the water I’m gonna cry,” added @taurusrising16. SAME!

@kristys.wrld wrote, “Such a simple life.” So simple and yet, so beautiful. This is how we want our life to look! We could watch this video every single day for the rest of our lives.

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