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Story of Rescued Baby Elephant Who Lost Half of His Trunk Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

It's so inspiring to see animals who thrive despite the worst of circumstances. Just like Long'uro, an elephant who was attacked by hyenas when he was only a baby and lost half of his trunk. Not only was Long'uro saved by the good people at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya, Africa and now they're sharing this brave elephant's story for everyone to see online. 

The amazing story was shared by National Geographic (@natgeo), who joked in the caption that this was their submission to "#WholesomeTikTok." Long'uro is "a little different from other elephants," the video's text overlay reads. The elephant's accident happened when he was only 1-and-a-half years old when he "fell into an uncapped well" and was left with only "1/3 of his trunk." The video shows Long'uro after his rescue and as he was being treated by sanctuary staff. 

Now, Long'uro is thriving. "We're happy to report he's feeling much better and is fully recovered!" the text reads. 

People in the comments section were thrilled. "I LOVE YOU BABY ELEPHANT LONG’URO," @quabamode exclaimed. "The epitome of wholesome content we like to see on TikTok," @nia_writing wrote. "Thank you for sharing Long'uro's journey and thank you for taking such good care of this amazing little one," @hthornberry09helen added. "He’s a little different but 100% precious and completely adorable," @donnathadead commented. 

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Later in the thread, a representative from the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@retetielephants) wrote in to share an update. "Thank you for sharing Long’uro’s story," they wrote. "He is growing up so quickly and has adjusted incredibly well to life as a special needs elephant."

This warms our hearts so much. Just think of all the adventures Long'uro will get into as he gets older! Go Long'uro, go! 

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