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Video of Rescued Baby Elephant Running Home for Her Milk Bottle Is Touching Hearts

Everytime we see video of elephants, we are reminded of how incredibly smart they are. And a recent video of a baby elephant sprinting to her milk bottle is no different. The video, shared by HERD Elephant Orphanage (@herdelephantorphanage) in South Africa, shows the animal going full steam to her bottle. And we know we weren't the only ones who were impressed by her drive and ability to feed herself. 

There's pretty much nothing that we don't love about this video. But let's start from the beginning, Khanyisa's adorable trumpeting! After the baby makes her noise, she's off to the races. And it's impossible not to give the video your full attention while she sprints. "An amazing moment as baby elephant Khanyisa runs home for her milk bottle (and feeds herself)," the video's caption reads. You have to see what happens when Khanyisa reaches her destination — it's so cool! 

People in the comments section were positively amazed! "What a magnificent sight," @barbaratrister1 gushed. "Thank you good souls! Caring for these magnificent animals must be such a joy!" @lindymozley praised. "Love the sound of trumpets in the morning!" @myguddog joked. "Too cute. I love to see this just like a human baby holding his own bottle," @marthafreites046 chimed in. 

If you need more of your daily dose of cuteness, check out this second video of Khanyisa bottle feeding herself! "I got this! Says Khanyisa — while holding her own milk bottles," the video's caption states. 

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See? Elephants are incredible.

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