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Baby's Special Bond With Tiny Pomeranian Is Too Cute for Words

Happy babies and adorable dogs are two of the Internet's favorite things, but what happens when you combine the two? Ultimate sweetness and a viral video happen! Just ask the talented mama who runs the @nikoandindie TikTok account. 

She made a profile on the app for her 1-year-old son, Niko, and Indie the family Pomeranian. Their friendship is the sweetest thing, and she knew social media would love it as much as she did. Nearly 10 million views later, she was right! TikTok just can't get enough of this adorable duo--just look how happy they make each other!

How cute are they?! We love how Indie sits so patiently for his brother to play. And Niko's laugh? To die for! Petco's comment on the video sums up our feelings pretty accurately. "The laughs. The hops. The Crocs. 😍." So perfect! Literally everything about this video is "omg so cuuuuute!! 😍," as @die_goldigi put it in the comments. 

We definitely weren't the only ones to fall for Niko's precious giggles. @Elizabeth_brady58 wrote, "Oh God there’s nothing better than that beautiful sound of a baby's laughter, I love it 🥰." So do we! We only hope Indie knows how happy his brother is, too. 

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Though the dynamic between the brothers is simply the best, a few people noticed Niko's comfy yet cool fashion sense. Commenters like @jessica.esi particularly loved "his lil crocs 🥺." They're so tiny--how could you not love them?

Do you know what else we love? It's @lionessmummy's comment! She said, "a baby and a small fluffy dog. You literally can’t go wrong. There’s nothing bad about that! 🥰." She's exactly right! From Indie's fluff to Niko's crocs and adorable laugh, this clip was bound to be Internet gold from the moment it was posted. And boy, are we glad it was posted!

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