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Baby’s Adorable Reaction to Getting Kisses From Black Lab Just Made Our Day

Get ready for an instant serotonin boost with this adorable video from @be_kind_to_my_labrador. We've seen cute videos of babies and dogs before, but this one goes beyond the rest. And honestly, even if you prepare yourself, we don't think you'll ever get over how perfect this video is.

A very smiley baby was laying down on a bed next to the family's Black Lab. Being the good doggo he is, the pup decided the baby needed some extra loving. He reaches his little snoot over her chubby cheeks and starts smothering her in kisses. Her reaction is just too sweet for words. Good luck trying to tell us that there’s something cuter than this! 

AWW!! Why is this the most adorable video we’ve ever seen?! We could listen to those giggles all day and watch the love between these two siblings 24/7. She didn’t care one bit about those slobbery kisses. In fact, we think those giggles were actually an invitation for more! And clearly the pup thought so too, lol! 

“Smothered with love right there!!” wrote @49ersfaithful916. The best kind of smothering! Good thing she’s getting used to all those kisses now because we have a feeling this pup will be kissing this baby her entire life! “Labs are the best. What great great great friends they are,” said @mattobannon961. Bestest friends already! Another commenter, @Kevin, added, “Labs take their work very seriously.” This good boy was going above and beyond. He doesn’t want anyone else to take over his job of loving on this baby! 

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TikTok user @skippy made a good point for those who might not like kids. He said, "I don't like babies.... but OMG you can feel the pure joy!!!!!!" Baby fan or not, you can't escape the cuteness of this! 

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