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Baby's Precious Reaction to Getting Golden Retriever Kisses Is As Good As It Gets

Cute baby videos are some of the most endearing and heart melting videos on the internet. When you add a puppy to the mix, the cuteness is off the charts, and one viral video on TikTok is the perfect example.

Recently, @daisydetoeuf shared a video of her baby and Golden Retriever, Daisy, having an adorable interaction. The baby is laying on the floor on her back while Daisy stands over her and gives the baby a few gentle kisses on her cheek. Watch the video to marvel at the baby's precious reaction to all the love from Daisy.

OMG those giggles are just too cute, and Daisy's gentle headbutt at the end is so sweet. These two clearly love each other and it's wonderful to see.

The people in the comments of the video are enthralled by the love and friendship between these two. @dlumcc1 said, "That dog is already in love and mesmerized," and @nicholatodd commented, "So cute. Daisy will always be the baby's protector." There is nothing stronger than the bond between a baby and a puppy that grow up together. These two will be inseparable for a very long time!

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Others are obsessed with the baby's puppy-induced giggles. @soneybabyyy commented, "Ohhh the giggles! I could listen to them FOREVER," and @jazzymikey0 said, "Adorable, the laugh is just the cutest." We agree! These giggles are the perfect remedy for a stressful day.

We are so jealous that their mom get's to witness moments like this all the time, but we're grateful she captures them to share on TikTok!

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