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Baby's Uncontrollable Giggles Over Watching the Dogs Play Is a Total Timeline Cleanse

It must be difficult for parents to juggle the demands of a new born baby while also having several pets. However, sometimes your dogs reveal themselves to be perfect babysitters and a weight gets lifted off your shoulders. These two pups put on a great show while entertaining the baby and gave mom a few seconds to breathe, proving themselves to be the perfect baby distraction.

In the video posted on TikTok by @fempowersuse, her two dogs playfully romped around in front of the baby, who was separated from the action with a baby gate. The little one was so captivated by what she was watching that mom was able to focus on some other tasks at hand. That is, until she heard her baby laughing and went to see what was so funny. See for yourself!

OMG those baby giggles are just too adorable! It's like music to our ears. Hopefully those pups make playtime a habit so the baby can keep on giggling!

People in the comments agree that this is an instant mood lifter. @rossross1317 said, "I know I'm not the only one smiling and laughing away at this. So infectious," and @jadeleighnoble commented, "A baby's laughter can change a bad mood instantly." Absolutely correct, because our day has been made! Another user even praised the healing properties of baby giggles. @drlizwhite commented, "There is something about a baby’s pure joy belly laughter that is just so therapeutic!"

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Other's commented on the entertainment value the dogs were providing. @bennycasarez560 suggested doing away with babysitters entirely: "To heck with the babysitter, he's being entertained just fine." We're sure those pups would be up to the task! Another user, @sareyes11, commented, "He doesn’t need any other type of entertainment. Precious." We know we could certainly watch those dogs play all day and be perfectly entertained for hours.

Lesson learned: any time you need a mood boost, come back and watch this video. Your day will be instantly better! 

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