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Video of Baby Giggling With Delight While Playing With Golden Retriever Is Just Perfect

It must be a little confusing to dogs when their human parents bring home a new baby. But as the child starts to grow up and interact with the pups more? Some dogs are just so delighted to have a new little playmate. In a TikTok video that was shared by @cookfamilycompound, one Golden Retriever couldn't be happier to entertain his tiny best friend.

In the clip, you'll see the baby, who is learning to crawl, moving toward the dog, and the dog kind of mimics the child's movement in an attempt to play with him. If you're someone who enjoys baby giggles, you won't be able to resist this adorable footage.

What an incredible dog! This is honestly one of the sweetest dog/baby videos we've ever seen. And even though the baby is the one laughing, the pup has a huge smile on his face and is totally into the game. So many people are loving this video. @Susan Lamb Janllari noted, "So adorable!! He has been waiting for him to be on the move!! 🥰." It really does seem like the dog is thinking, "Yes! Finally, he's playing with me!" Another commenter, @Jennifer Farkus-Balc added, "What a good fur big brother!!!!That laugh !! 😂😂🥰." And @QueenBee chimed in with, "The day that baby gets up on his feet and is able to run with his buddy, it is over!!" LOL. Very true.

The older that little one gets, the more fun his Golden big brother is going to have with him. Clearly, they're already best friends, and their bond will only strengthen as time goes on!

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