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Video of Baby Giraffe Finally Walking Thanks to New Leg Braces Is Touching Hearts

A new touching video coming from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the latest to capture our heats. This clip has given us a new appreciation for doctors and teams that care for animals. This team in particular helped a young giraffe, giving her a second chance at life that others did not think was possible.

CBS News shared a story of a 3-month-old giraffe named Msituni, which means, “in the forest,” in the Swahili language. Msituni has a condition in which her legs bended improperly, causing her difficulty to stand and walk. But the team at the San Diego Zoo was able to step in and provide her with walking assistance. Check out what they did to help save Msituni’s life. 

Aww! We’re so thankful this team provided the care Msituni needed. She received specialized braces for her legs that help correct a hyperextension of her wrists. And now, Msituni is thriving! In the clip, you can see her walking down the hallway. She was so happy that she even did a little hop skip jump type of thing that was so adorable! She’s clearly grateful for the team at the San Diego Zoo saved her life. 

“Well done guys at San Diego zoo, you are AWESOME love it,” commented @Juan Corea. Seriously! This is so cool and amazing. “Thank you to everyone who participates in the care of this beautiful creature. God bless all of you,” said @gsusan11. It must be so rewarding to see their hard work pay off and to see a baby giraffe living her best life now. 

"I understand that so much work goes into getting a job like this. These people have to know so much and be so patient it's hard to imagine. Working with these animals though, it has to be one of the most rewarding and best jobs in the world," wrote @Joe Booth. Absolutely SO rewarding! Again, we are more than thankful for these selfless people helping animals!