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Baby Girl’s Elated Reaction to Her Golden Retriever Is Nothing Short of Beautiful

TikTok user and mom @cassie.elizabeth10 shared a precious moment of her nearly 6-month-old baby that she captured by pure luck. She wanted to get a video of her daughter Hallie scooting, but we think what she wound up getting is even better! 

In the clip, Hallie is laying on her stomach and holding herself up. You then see the creator's Golden Retriever walk by the screen. The dog’s legs perfectly outline Hallie, allowing us to see her adorable face and her reaction to the dog. It’s everything! Watch her expression and try not to crack a smile.

Just precious! Her sweet face was like, “Wow, would you look at that beautiful creature!” It’s clear that this pup is already so special to her, and something tells us the feeling is mutual. 

“I can watch this forever… that smile is so enthralling😻,” commented one TikTok user. She clearly was processing that her best friend was coming over and she couldn’t contain her happiness. @Linda Penni said, “Sweet, she saw her bestie fur baby.” They must have a great relationship already if she gets that excited to see her sibling! 

TikTok users are in love with this video. @Rachael DuBray said, “That sweet face said, ‘Oh morning bestie.’” We hope she knows that’s the best way to wake up in the morning. That is until they wake you up to go outside. But she luckily has a little time before that becomes her responsibility. “She’s like, ‘I love my weird sibling,’” wrote @captmalhammer. She knows instantly that the dog is her sibling, even though they don’t look alike. We can already tell these two are going to be besties for life!