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Baby Goat Can't Find Her Mom and Seeks Out Human Mom to Help

No matter what the species, whether it be human or animal, it's no secret that all babies love to be with their mothers. For food, protection, love, and affection, little ones feel safest when mom is around. And when one tiny baby goat found herself in a predicament after being unable to find her mama, she immediately sought out the person she knew could help her -- her human mommy. 

The adorable video of the goat crying out for help was shared on TikTok by @berryridgefarmstead yesterday, and it already has over 1.1 million views. The text on the video reads, "I was inside when I heard a baby crying." You'll see the door to the house open, and the woman behind the camera is met with the cries of this sweet little goat who's asking her for help.

Can you even get over the cuteness?! Who else wants a baby goat in their life, stat? (Raises hand.) It was just too sweet how this precious gal knew exactly who to go to so she could get back to her mama. People who watched the clip are equally as taken with this tiny goat, and comments are pouring in. @Haley Quinton noted, "That baby was NOT calling for her mom. She was calling for YOU to take her to her mom 😂." And @Chiena Brie added, "She wanted an express ride because she was hungry!"

Some commenters laughed at how the goat mom seemed unfazed when her baby was returned to her. @Savannah N. joked, "The mom was like, “oh great you brought her back 😒." And @enchilada28 echoed that sentiment with, "Lol how the mom didn’t even care the baby was back 😂."

The video creator might have captioned this clip with, "Reasons I can't ever get anything done," but something tells us she doesn't mind interruptions in her day when they come in the form of a creature this cute!